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Clarity Laser For Hair Removal Specialist

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Hair removal is among the most common aesthetic concerns worldwide and concerns both men and women. John Y. Lee Obstetrics and Gynecology, we believe that we found the technology that has been proven safe, effective, and worth the investment for hair removal. The full spectrum of hair colors for nearly all skin types, including light & dark skin, now can be treated! If you live in or near "Suwanee, Georgia" or "Johns Creek, Georgia" and need a certified practitioner you can trust with the laser treatment, contact today. Call the office to schedule your appointment or book it online.

Clarity Laser for Hair Removal Q & A

Treatment Options

There are several options available for hair removal and many over-the-counter options, although most are not permanent. Permanent hair reduction can only be achieved through the application of energy directly to the hair follicle.

Why Do You Want Clarity Laser?

Clarity allows delivering superior control, safer & gentler procedure compared to other lasers due to:

  1. New, FDA-approved laser platform
  2. Remove Hair up to 2X Faster
  3. Exclusive Short Pulsewidths Available
  4. Temperature Sensing for Real-time Feedback 
  5. IntelliTrak Technology for More Consistent Coverage 
  6. Dual fractional feature by one hand piece

How Does Clarity Laser Work?

Clarity has an extensive range of laser-based treatments because it has the option of 755nm or 1064nm wavelengths. It means that Clarity laser can treat any skin type, whether it's dark or light. The correct wavelength is chosen to suit the patient's needs, and the laser delivers precisely targeted photo-thermal energy to destroy hair follicles. Clarity also offers singlefiber delivery with nine spot sizes ranging up to 20mm in both wavelengths in short pulse widths to minimize discomfort.

How Does Clarity Laser Work on Hair Removal?

The removal or permanent reduction of unwanted hair by laser light depends on the scientific principle of selective photothermolysis. When the correct wavelength of laser light is applied to the hair in the treatment area, melanin in the hair absorbs the light converted into heat energy. The buildup of thermal energy causes the destruction of hair follicles and associated stem cells and dermal papillae while the surrounding skin is undamaged. Some follicles will only be damaged or may re-grow, so numerous treatments are required to reduce or eliminate unwanted hair effectively for a persistent result.

Benefits of Clarity Laser?

I. Safe and Effective for nearly all skin types, including tanned and dark skin

✔ Due to combining two wavelengths, a long-pulsed 755nm Alexandrite and a 1064nm, wavelengths will be switched depends on the skin type to keep your skin safe while receiving the maximum possible results.

II. Effective for full spectrum of hair colors

✔ Clarity laser removes a broad range of hair and skin tones as long as the hair is darker than the surrounding skin because of the superior level of adjustability.

III. Painless hair removal

✔ Everyone has a different tolerance for pain, but Clarity is generally considered to be pretty tolerable. Laser hair removal with Clarity feels like a rubber band popping against the skin and is also very brief and entirely tolerable for almost everyone.

✔ Clarity laser has two cooling mechanisms: 1) air cooling 2) Built-in cryogenic spray that instantly cools down the treatment area. These cooling systems deliver a lot more comfortable and less painful laser treatment even without topical anesthetic.

IV. Fast

✔ Nd: YAG. CLARITY's advanced features enable treatment versatility and more incredible speed.

✔ A high repetition rate and large treatment spot empower to reduce unwanted hair with unprecedented speed permanently.

✔ The adjustable diameter of the laser projection allows treating an area in significantly less time by treating more follicles with fewer passes of the laser.

V. No downtime

✔ Generally, side effects from Clarity laser treatment are minimal. You may experience some redness or swelling of the treatment area in the first couple of hours posttreatment. However, these are both very tolerable and will resolve on their own.

How Many Treatment Sessions Will You Need?

Laser hair removal with Clarity is done in a series of sessions. Surprisingly, you may get a satisfactory result after as few as 3 or 4 Clarity hair removal treatments. However, the number of sessions depends on the color of your skin and the color & type of hair.

How Long does the Treatment Take?

The procedure takes 5 minutes to 20 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. However, most patients are in and out of the appointment within 30 minutes, even for their first visit. You won't need anesthesia, medication, or topical cream before the procedure. You can set up appointments at your convenience.

After the hair removal treatment, there is no restriction on your activities. You can continue driving, exercising, working, and going through your routine while you're getting Clarity Laser treatments.

How Long will They Last?

Laser hair removal is, in fact, not permanent. However, you'll only need annual or even biannual touch-up visits to maintain your results after completing the series.

Other Treatments by Clarity Laser?

- Inflammation caused by Ingrown hairs

- Pigmented Lesions

- Wrinkle Reduction

- Rosacea

- Hemangiomas

- Leg veins

- Skin tags

Learn More About the Hair Removal and Clarity Laser!

You deserve to live without unwanted hair permanently. Treatment with the safe, gentle Clarity Laser will enhance your total wellbeing. To get started, visit John Lee OBGYN in Suwanee/ Johns Creek.

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